Environmental sustainability

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Strengthening the circular economy and sustainability

Strengthening the circular economy and


We have established firm, quantifiable commitments as a Group to strengthen the circular economy and environmental sustainability in our business.

Environmental sustainability objectives

Fighting climate change

We have committed to a 90% reduction of the CO2 emissions originating from our consumption of electric energy.  

Conserving water as a source of life

We aim to reduce the equivalent to 20% of each inhabitant's water consumption by encouraging water reuse and preventing water leaks within the network.

Achieving energy self-sufficiency

Redefining our treatment plants as biofactories, thereby not only permitting water treatment, the recovery of biological life in rivers and improvements to people’s health, but also converting them into energy and resource generators for other industrial sectors.

Protecting natural areas

To do this, we have incorporated the commitment to conserving and restoring biodiversity in all our facilities in sensitive areas.

Working with sustainable suppliers

We are committed to selecting all our strategic suppliers on the basis of sustainable development criteria and social and environmental responsibility.