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At Sermubeniel, we manage your water

At Sermubeniel, we use 17 remote terminal units, to manage a 54-km drinking water network that distributes over 700,000 m3 a year to five population centres, with over 11,000 inhabitants.

Our team consists of 35 people. We use state-of-the-art technology for collecting 4,782 tonnes of solid urban waste, pruning and removing 47.8 tonnes of resulting waste and carrying out road cleaning.

  • Service figures for 2016

    Water service figures for 2016

    Item Value
    km of network supplied 54
    m3 of water supplied 721.963
    Remote terminal units 17
    Water quality control points 17
    Annual assessments More than 1.500

    Figures for other services in 2016

     Item Value
    kg of waste collected 4.782.060
    kg of cardboard collected 93.847
    kg of packaging collected 82.800
    kg of pruning waste 47.820
    kg of construction waste 1.069.450
    kg of road cleaning waste 44.000
    Containers 526
    Waste collection trucks 2
    Vans 4
    Light lorry 1
    Sweeping machines 1